Bowl of prawn crackers 5

Steamed pork & shitake dumplings 4pc 16
w black vinegar, ginger & shallots  (g)

Deep fried spring rolls 4pc 10
pork & cabbage, homemade sweet chilli (g)

Crispy chicken & crab wontons 4pc 14
w chilli, black vinegar & soy dipping sauce (g)

Crunchy corn & coriander fritters 4pc 12
w butter lettuce, young ginger, mint, chilli jam

Sashimi white fish 16
w coconut milk, lime segments, green nam jim

Curry pasted thai prawn salad 18
w cherry tomato, peanuts, sunflower sprouts

Thai scallop shooters 4pc w Vodka 20/16
w young tomato juice, szechuan salt

Salty, crunchy, sesame squid 17
w prawn floss, Vietnamese mint, fresh lemon

Grilled spiced lamb roti (murtabak) 17
w cucumber, shallot & chilli pickle

Barbecue chicken satay 4pc 16
w tamarind, pineapple, peanuts

Soft duck pancakes 18
w cucumber, pickled chilli, soy, crisp shallots (g)

DIY Vegetarian pancakes 17
w cucumber, pickled cabbage, vegetables, satay sce (g)

Crispy barramundi & caramel pork 22 
w green apple, mint, kaffir lime salad

Szechuan salted soft shell crab 22.5
w green papaya salad, sweet nam jim

Royal red curry of white fish 27
w lime, lemongrass, greens & herbs

Massaman curry of organic chicken 26
w kipfler potatoes, pineapple, peanuts

Vegan Panaeng curry 23
w local sweet potato, eggplant, silken tofu

Wok tossed Asian Mushrooms 22

w shaoxing, tofu, oyster mushrooms

Pat Prik King 25
Dry red curry wagyu beef w young ginger, chilli, green beans 

Hot green curry of prawns 27
w baby corn, ginger root, herbs

Serious fried chicken 29
w Szechuan salt, fresh lime, chilli sauce

Byron Bay sticky pork 23
w plum sauce, papaya salad, fresh herbs

Sticky beef ribs 29
w chilli jam, sprout & herb salad, crisp shallots

Half Peking duck 29
w yellow bean caramel, fresh mandarin, shallots

Wagyu beef pat see yeuw 27
hand cut rice noodles, oyster sauce, greens, side of pickled chilli

Free range chicken pad thai 25
fine rice noodles, tamarind, sprouts, peanuts, side of lime & chilli

Shredded duck fried rice 24
w shitakes mushrooms, beans, tomato,
very HOT! Thai chilli sauce served on side

Stir fried greens 11
w fresh ginger, sesame, soy

Rice 5.5
white or brown

(g) indicates that it contains gluten

Please note that all dishes are served in the
middle of the table banquet style.